The All Star Break

The All Star game, a place where many talented players come together and play. There is the National League team, who is trying to break the losing streak. And there is the American League team, who has 17 year veteren Tim Wakefield on their side, though he did not pitch.

I wonder how many baseball fans stopped and wondered what the game would have been like if Nick Adenhart was in it. I am sure that he would have.

But he was not. As the family of Nick, Courtney and Henry are still in grieving, Andrew Gallo is pleading his case. Right now, the court room is silent, but probably not for long.

A statistic from shows that so far in 2009, there has been 7173 as of July 21th at 11:51 am EST. And to think that there are 164 days remaining in 2009. Does this make you think or what?

Just recently, in the Hartford Courant, there was an article about a father who was killed. While driving home with his sons and his sons’ friend, the father crashed and died as a result of drinking. The boys went to a local hospital for treatment and recall the incident as though it was yesterday. The oldest son first suspected his father of drinking and even though he was underage, asked his father for the car keys so he can drive.,0,990068.story

With this in mind, stay safe this summer, and remember that just one drink of alcohol can lead to bad judgement. It can also lead to a bad accident that could ruin someone’s life. And that someone maybe a loved one, or even yours. Think responsibly.

One last thing, take a look at these to blogs. As many Americans know, there is a lot going on over seas. One is the capture of a 23 year old American soldier.

Take care, and stay safe.

LA Angels Honor Nick Adenhart

On June 22nd, 2009 it was reported on ESPN’s website that the Los Angeles Angels have set up an award for their “fallen angel,” Nick.

The award, once known as the “Pitcher of the Year” award, is now known as the Nick Adenhart Pitcher of the Year award. This award is to be given to the pitcher who has the best season. The members of the LA Angels are to vote on who should receive this honor.

For more information on the case, Orange County Superior Court, go to then, under Case Search, enter docket number 09NF1165. I know I posted the site before, but this is just a reminder and it also includes the docket number.

Today’s Trial

The man that killed Nick, Courtney and Henry appeared in court today in Orage County. Andrew Gallo, 22 years of age, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is being charged with 3 counts of second degree murder and the sentencing, if found guilty, is a minimum of 45 years to life in prison. The survivor of the wreckage, Jon Wilhite was at the hearing for Gallo. He was hospitalized for for weeks for “internal decapitation. When Wilhite came into the court room, he was in a wheelchair, but soon stood up with his own power.

Gallo’s attorney, Randall Longwith told the judge and jury that his client pleaded not guilty to the charges. Longwith said after the trial in an interview with the press that he will seek a change of venue because he believes Gallo cannot get a fair trial in Orange County, which is home of the LA Angels and the California State University, Fullerton, baseball team for which Wilhite had played.

All we have to do now as fans is wait and see. For more information on this article, here are a few links:,0,2425240.story

If the second link doesn’t work, please comment below so I can fix it. Thanks

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart delivers a pitch during the first inning of his Major League debut Thursday night against the Oakland Athletics.

God Bless The Adenhart Family

Today, May 15th 2009 it has been announced on that the family of Angels pitcher, Nick Adenhart has set up a memorial fund in memory of their beloved Nick who was killed in a hit and run drunk driving accident on April 9th 2009. This fund is to help little league clubs throughout the nation and it correspondes with Major League and Minor League Baseball. Here is the link to the press release:

God bless this family, for they have gone through too much and experienced a horrible tragedy. God bless every family that has had something horrible happen to them. These families don’t deserve this, but they, just like the Adenhart’s, have learned to live with tragedy and to move on, knowing the one they loved and lost is looking out for them, as a member of the Angel’s. Not LA Angel’s, but an Angel of a different kind.

Link below is a youtube music video- Train- Calling All Angels

The song was played at the Stadium before the Angels/Red Sox game on April 10th 2009. RIP Nick, and all those that we all have lost. This is for you.

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Right Where We Started

Boston’s back in town. Yay or Nay? Anyway, the Sox won on Tuesday, a matchup between Justin Masterson and Jered Weaver. Keep in mind that the last time Boston was in LA, Weaver was pitching and the Angels won. Yippee. Well, the Halos won lst night behind a Matt Palmer 5 hitter- 4 run- 9 inning performance. Sweet stuff. Wake was pitching and yea, no more starts in LA please.

So, it’s been awhile since I heard anymore on Gallo’s case. I can tell you this though. While on a random Yahoo search, I found an article ( that is about Nick. It was published by The Herald and is an on going memorial for Nick.

If anyone finds any information on the Gallo case, go ahead and comment below. After all, this isn’t my blog, it’s the fans blog.

Matt Palmer and Mike Napoli take control in Wednesday’s win

Tis The Season…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, great grandmothers, and other motherly type figures. As many Americans know, it’s prom season. I recently had mine and during school, all the seniors took part in a Don’t Drink and Drive pact. There was a demo with local police, fire and EMS. Some students participated in this and our former Student Resource Officer talked about the effects of drinking and driving and how it not only affects the victims, but it affects everyone involved.

Afterwards, a mother who lost her son and daughter in a typical driving accident a few years ago talked to us about how the accident affected her and her family. When she was done, a friend came up to talk about the accident, since she lost her best friend at the age of 14. That’s not even the part that got everyone. It was the picture slide show of the two teenagers. That night was really fun and thankfully no one got injured or anything.

Well, let me talk baseball for a moment. LA Angels pitcher Joe Saunders is after Alex Rodriguez about the steriod issue. He stated that Rodriguez’s name should be recalled from the ballot, since there is a lot of controversy surrounding him. Saunders also said that he doesn’t believe fans are using the “forgive forget” method with Rodriguez. For more information, check out the link below.

Tomorrow starts a 3 game series in LA. The Boston Red Sox are coming to town after their last visit in April, right after the tragic death of Nick Adenhart. Game starts at 10 pm EST. Check out for the schedule.

As I mentioned earlier, Happy Mother’s day to all! Torii Hunter said the same thing to his mom before their game. He also added that he was going to hit a homer for her, but guess what? He took one away instead. Classic Torii Hunter. Below is the link to his entry he worte about the game. Torii Hunter is a class act guy who knows what to do in big situations. That is why if I had to meet any baseball player in person, it would be him. No doubt about it. Hopefully he wont be like the rest of those ball players and get suspended for 50 games. Him and Albert Pujols are the only ones at this point I can actually trust, and safely say that they never used steroids. 


This is for you, mom. Happy mother’s day!! -Torii Hunter

Joe Saunders after pitching a complete game shut out vs KC on May 9th 

Sporting the pink bats for Mother’s Day!

MADD Walk Yesterday in CT

This is a follow up from yesterday’s article.

Yesterday’s walk, though cloudy and very cool in the morning, was a success. A lot of people came out for the event in West Hartford CT. There were local busniesses out with booths, WHPD had a booth, and had one of the K9’s, Kora out and about with her handler. She is the sweetest dog ever-for a Police dog, that is!

Then the walking began. I was stationed at an intersection where I had to make sure people stayed on the path and off the road. Other Police Explorers were with me and we all said the same thing- What an amazing turnout for a great cause. It was just, it made you really think about how precious life really is. There were signs, t-shirts, hats, buttons everywhere. One of the local high school’s tennis team was out there, waving a sign and getting cars to honk. Little kids, with there parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, relatives, walkign along side them. There was one sign that caught my eye though. A grandpa and grandma were killed by a drunk driver in 2005. The family was holding up a huge sign, and that was just eye catching.

Your goal for the week, that I want you, the reader to try, is: When you go to eat dinner, or just to hang out with friends or family, take their car keys and put them in your pocket. Order a soda, or a water. Be the smart one, be the safe one. Get them home safely. Thank you for reading and have a good week.  

MADD Walk Tomorrow In CT

I have the honor at helping out tomorrow, May 2nd at the MADD walk in West Hartford CT. To me, this is a cause that needs to be identified. A few months ago, I also had the honor of escorting families to an altar to light a candle for a loved one that died because of drunk driving. Nick’s story, and everyone else that is victimized by this is valuable to me, because, as an American studying to be a Police Officer, telling a family that their son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandparent died in an accident and the driver was intoxicated is something that should never be joked about or anything. One family that I escorted told me that their son wanted to be a Police Officer, but a few years ago, his dream was cut short. This broke my heart, because like Nick and this young man, other people’s dreams are cut short as well.


I want you, the readers to promise me something right now. If you are intoxicated, let someone that is sober drive. If a friend or family member is intoxicated, and you are sober, you drive. That is all I ask of you.

A Week Later…

Exactly one week yesterday is when rookie Nick Adenhart, 20 year old Courtney Stewart and 25 year old Henry Pearson were killed by a drunk driver. On Wednesday, in Maryland, was the funeral service of Angels pitcher, Nick Adenhart. Also on Wednesday, Angels owner, plus eight team members went to support Nick’s family. Owner Arte Moreno, GM Tony Reagins, manager Mike Scioscia, team executive Tim Mead, pitching coach Mike Butcher, and pitchers Dustin Moseley, Jered Weaver, and John Lacky from the Seattle Mariners team will be taking a jet to the private funeral of Nick Adenhart. They were there for one reason, to remember, and to show their support. If this never happened, Nick would have made his second start of the season on Tuesday night, away versus Seattle.

Since the tragic death of Nick, the Angels record is 3-3. Once again, they are on the road to play a three game set versus the Minnesota Twins. And once again, Nick’s locker will be set up, to remember a life cut short. When the team went into the locker room in Seattle, it hit them, once again. Torii Hunter said, “As humanely possible as it is to cope, it’s been tough.” Yes, it has. Since finding out the news, every team has had something to say. Every team, every fan, wants to help in some way possible.


  Nick Adenhart


The driver, Andrew Gallo, was drunk that night. He ran a red light, that then hit the car that Stewart was driving. Who knew that it was more of a hit and run situation. After hitting the car, Gallo fled the scene. He was found by police about 30 minutes later. After looking around at different news stories these past few days, one really got to me. It is written by Sports Illistrated reporter, Jeff Pearlman. Here is the link of the article,

Oh, and may I mention that this past off-season, New York Yankees pitcher, Joba Chamberland was arrested for DUI. And when Yogi Berra, a Hall of Famer, got arrested by the police for DUI, the New York Daily News headlines said,  “Yankee star pokes fun at New York, Yogi after DUI bust.” Who knew that, after a player get arrested for DUI, the press goes crazy, like it’s a game. But, when something happens, such asa this, everyone wants to know everything. The press gets into peoples faces and everything. It’s blown up. It’s crazy, the reactions of different situations that we are handed everyday. Is this normal? Why are we, as Americans, like this? Wanting to know, disrupting lives, causing chaios, to the point of where someone gets hurt. Enough is enough, As Tug McGraw always said, Ya Gotta Believe. Believe what though? How about, this, believe that all is good, and what happens in this world, happens for a reason.

This past Easter, I thought about all the things that I was thankful for. ANd then, I thought about all the things that are not here. On Easter, the Adenhart family was missing a son, my friend was missing a dad. About a month before Nick Adenhart was killed, my friend’s dad died of a heart attack. He was only 40. He was a US Postal worker, in otherwords, he delivered mail. He was a family guy, a hockey guy, someone that is there, to cheer on your kids type of guy. This year, I wasn’t thinking about anything else, except for those who have lost someone, someone of importance. When I was in 8th grade, another one of my friend’s dad died, he was battling cancer. He died on Holy Thursday. I didn’t understand what was going on, all I knew was that he wasn’t suffering anymore. And that’s what everyone should think when you think of Nick, he is no longer suffering anymore. Even though he wasn’t suffering originally. RIP Nick (4/9/09), Mr B (3/9/09), and Mr C (3/24/05) 

In Nick, Angels Trust…

One day after the tragic death of Nick Adenhart and two others, the LA Angels played the Boston Red Sox. Throughout the past few days, a memorial outside the stadium has been made for fans to leave things out there for all to see. Before the game, Nick’s family threw out the first pitch and there was a mini-celebration in Nick’s honor. “Calling All Angels” by Train was played on the loud speakers and pictures of Nick were placed on a slide show on the screen. Fans were cheering loudly when the first picture was shown. When it was done, the Angels and the Red Sox moved to the base lines and two members of the LA Angels team went to the mound, holding Nick’s jersey. Then, a moment of silence was given to the three victims. The Angels, lead by starting pitcher Jered Weaver, won the game.


It has been announced that the driver, Andrew Gallo was an illegal immigrant. He was driving on a suspended lisence and has had previous DUI charges. He is 22 years old and is looking at serving 55 to life. For more information on the case, go to then, under Case Search, enter docket number 09NF1165.


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